Church Family Worship

Every Sunday at 11am (although we advise you to check our events diary on our home page to get the latest times ... some services, partiuclarly in the summer months and over Christmas, take place at 10:30am) members of the Greyfriars church family gather together for a time of worship. This service follows a fairly traditional format with different and creative moments each week. As a church family we take time to laugh together, celebrate together and support together. The main service of worship at Greyfriars Church attempts to offer people of all ages the opportunity to grown, celebrate and adventure. Members of the church family come to worship in the knowledge that it contains lots of questions, and very often few answers.

At 11am we use different music, from organ to piano to praise band and make the use of technology to help people engage with what is going on. Children and young people play a very active role in this service and are always welcome to make contributions. It is during this service that baptisms will normally take place.

As a church family of all ages and stages we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion together on the first Sunday of March, June, September and December. All are welcome to join us.

If you have very young children they can come along and stay with you in worship or go to our creche. Older children and young people have their own activities to which they can go. At Greyfriars we know that a 'one size fits all' approach is not realistic. If you children would rather stay with you, or you wish to take them out to settle them and come back in to join worship ... you are welcome to.

Each week this service is webcast live on our website. We hope that you will be able to join us in worship, in person or online.