Our vision

Greyfriars Parish Church is a church focused on people, not on buildings. We meet every Sunday in our building in the Bloomgate, Lanark and we believe that this worship equips us for being God's people, God's messengers in our community in the week ahead.

We are all disciples walking a daily walk with God and following the teachings of his son, Jesus Christ. We, as Christians, have a commitment to seeing God's work and purposes worked out in the world – namely, peace and justice, love and mercy for all people.

As people of God, we believe that all people no matter who they are, or where they have come from are loved by God and are his children who we should love and care for as if they were members of our family.

We have a desire to see the church in our town grow and develop, to be relevant to the people who live within the town and to be a meaningful presence for God and his purposes.

We want our church to have an increased impact on the local community, and to increase the activity and involvement of members in the life and work of the church.

As with many churches, we have a desire for children and young people and our vision is for more to share with us in the church's life and witness and for them to feel something of God's love in our church and in their lives.

In June 2008 we launched our five year strategic plan which not only changed our constitution and leadership structure but also set aims and goals for where we want to be as a congregation in five years time. You can download a copy of our strategic plan here.

We believe that all people are seeking something within their lives. As Christians we believe that something is God. Part of our vision is to see people have their lives transformed by God and to have God transform our church.

In the future, we see a busy, vibrant and caring church: recognised as somewhere to come to celebrate and worship God. Our church will be a place where one is assured of a warm welcome and comforting fellowship, where one's needs can be addressed with compassion, and where one can feel the love of God in action – shining out into the community.