Welcome to the new Greyfriars Parish Church

Greyfriars Church has undergone a major £100,000 refurbishment to transform it into a community hub for Lanark, fit for the 21st century. The interior of our church has been modernised to create a versatile and flexible space to enable the congregation to worship in more imaginative ways. All the funding for the refurbishment came from individuals within the congregation, as well as generous funding from Border Biscuits Community Support Fund, The Rank Foundation and the Ferguson Bequest.

Replacing the pews with chairs and installing remote controlled blackout window blinds means the building is suitable for a range of activities like theatre productions, film screenings and fitness classes. The new look church, which has been redecorated, rewired and fitted with new carpets and heating system, officially re-opened on 3rd September 2017.

Take a tour

You can ‘tour’ our new church from the comfort of your own home using our special 360° photographs and videos. If you have a pair of VR glasses (such as Google Cardboard) then you will be able to use these by clicking on the video and the images, putting on your goggles and immerse yourself in our church. If you don’t have a pair of glasses, then you can still view the videos and images by moving your device around or scrolling with your finger.

Narrated tour



A major transformation

The Kirk Session, and congregation are indebted to all of the contractors who provided their time and skill to make our church a reality, as well as a small and dedicated team of volunteers who gave of their time throughout the three month refurbishment period. You can view some of the highlights of the transformation on our video below.

Caring contractors with a local background

We are delighted that the majority of our contractors were local, and each and every one cared for the project, shared our vision and helped us develop our ideas and make them a reality.

The contractors that were involved in the project were:

  • GN Tait (Heating & Electrical)
  • James Hamilton Decorators (Decoration)
  • Country Carpets (Flooring)
  • Knightshades Blinds (Blackout Blinds)
  • Alpha Furniture (Seating)
  • Ian Lewis Interiors (Communion Chair Cushions)

  • Greyfriars is your church

    The Kirk Session are keen to have the community use the church for events, concerts... as well as joining us for worship. Our church will continue to provide space for times of joy and sadness in our community, and we hope and pray that, through our revitalised building, we will continue to serve the community of Lanark.

    Our church can now be used in a variety of ways, and below are simply some of our ideas. If you would like to know more about using the church, please see our Using our premises page.

    Photography and 360° movie editing by Mark Boyle of MB Design
    Photography of renovation and movie compiled by David Thompson