The Worship Action Group is convened by Bryan Kerr. The purpose of the Worship Action Group is to develop the worship life of the congregation.

Worship is central to everything we do in Greyfriars. We have a weekly service of worship each Sunday with around 180 people attending each week. We also try to take the worship to those who cannot come to church through no fault of their own.

Each month, on the last Sunday, we hold a traditional communion service which is attended by around 40 people. The group is also committed to developing other times to worship during the week.

The remit for this group includes:

  • encouraging participation in worship services by church members;
  • special worship services;
  • developing new initiatives in worship;
  • developing ways to promote worship at times other than Sunday morning;
  • planning a service with the minister on a regular basis;
  • arranging pulpit supply for when minister is away;
  • developing drama;
  • organising readers rota;
  • encouraging musical involvement;
  • developing participation of children and youth in worship;
  • ensuring resources for worship are available;
  • coordinating arrangements for the Sacrament of Communion with Session Clerk;
  • ensuring the CCLI license is up-to-date