The Resources Action Group is convened by Jack Lumsden. The purpose of the Resources Action Group is to maintain and develop Greyfriars fabric in order to enable better the work of the other Action Groups, to provide the financial wherewithal to support the other Action Groups in their work and to have responsibility for staffing within the congregation.

Whilst we understand at Greyfriars that the church is about people more than buildings we have a beautiful building that has been cared for for many generations. The group aims to keep the buildings in good repair as well as ensure that our finances are well maintained. We recognise that without the financial backing it would be very difficult to be the church that we want to be! To find out more about our church finances and download our annual report and accounts please see our finance page.

The remit for this group includes:


  • maintaining and controlling Greyfriars finances: overall income, expenditure, budgets, forecasts to be reported to Kirk Session as and when determined by the Kirk Session;
  • oversight of the work of the Treasurer, providing support when needed;
  • assisting each Action Group in developing their budget, monitoring progress, and agreeing guidelines for the operation of Action Group budgets with the Kirk Session;
  • seeking ways to fund special projects from internal and / or external sources;
  • playing a key role in developing the financial stewardship of church members: promoting Christian giving, and explaining Christian spending within Greyfriars and the wider church;
  • actively promoting awareness of the financial situation of Greyfriars, good or bad, through the church magazine, Church Notices, flyers, etc.;
  • taking advantage of advice available from national advisers on stewardship when necessary.


  • creating a positive environment for all current and possible future church uses;
  • developing a clear programme of maintenance and renewal of church fabric including a timeline for actions and budget estimations;
  • ensuring that insurance cover is adequate for all buildings;
  • arranging letting of buildings, maintenance of any rental agreements and to liaise with property users, ensuring this is reported to the Coordinating Group;
  • developing the fabric in order to meet the needs of outside organisations;
  • overseeing special building and fabric projects as requested by the Kirk Session;
  • active liaison with other Action Groups to find out what needs they may have in order to best meet their goals.


  • ensure that staffing structure meets the needs of Greyfriars Church
  • provide line management for all members of staff
  • seek funding for new members of staff within the church locally and nationally and outwith the church.