The Pastoral Action Group is convened by Lilias Tennant. The purpose of the Pastoral Action Group is to develop fellowship within all ages of the congregation and ensure that the congregation is adequately cared for and communicated with.

At Greyfriars we believe that it is important to care for all those who are part of the church family. Some people may want visited more than others, some may only want to be kept informed of what is happening in the church. The groups seeks to find out what people want from the church! It also hopes to improve the communication within and outwith the church family.

The remit for this group includes:

  • oversight of the current Pastoral system, developing new approaches for pastoral care / visitation;
  • providing pastoral care to the Minister and his / her family;
  • to maintain the church roll, complying with Church of Scotland audit requirements;
  • ensuring church magazine is regularly produced;
  • ensure effective communication is employed across the church;
  • promoting the work of Greyfriars in the wider community, e.g. keeping local press informed of church activities,
  • church web site, etc.;
  • developing fellowship groups;
  • baptismal follow-up;
  • organising fellowship events for the congregation