Our Leadership

Our church is involved in a lot of work, and as it grows and develops, strong leadership is required. That leadership is realised in both our Minister and the Kirk Session.

In May 2008 the congregation voted unanimously to adopt the unitary constitution of the Church of Scotland. Within that constitution our Kirk Session has formed five action groups made up of members of the Kirk Session and members of the congregation to ensure that the voice of the church family is heard by the Kirk Session.

Our new structure allows more people to be involved in areas of ministry that they feel able to contribute.

Our minister, Rev. Bryan Kerr has been with us since March 2007. You can read more about him, the Kirk Session and the Action Groups below.

Our Minister

The members of Greyfriars Parish Church chose and appointed The Rev. Bryan Kerr to be their minister in March 2007.

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The Kirk Session

The Kirk Session is a group of men and women who meet regularly to plan the work of our church and to ensure that what we do fits with our plan and our faith.

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Action Groups

In August 2008 Greyfriars adopted a new constitution. As part of this major change in the way our church leadership is structure five new Action Groups were brought into operation.

Each Action Group is served by members of the Kirk Session and members of the congregation. We hope that this allows people who do not serve on the Kirk Session to still play an active part in the leadership of Greyfriars.

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