Using our premises

We are always delighted when groups or individuals approach us, asking to use our halls, or indeed the church, for events that they are holding. Greyfriars Church plays host to a number of organisations from Power Hooping and Lanark Camera Club to Taekwondo and the Lanark & Carluke Choral Union and many more. We are also pleased to be able to allow people to book our halls and kitchen for birthdays parties, both for adults and children.

Our church can now be used in a variety of ways, and below are simply some of our ideas. If you would like to know more about using the church, please see contact us.




Current Charges

Please note that these prices supersede any prices listed in our application forms.

Voluntary organisations

Room Charge
Main Hall £13 per hour (£18 for a single hour let)
Vestry £5 per hour (£7 for a single hour let)
Meeting Room £5 per hour (£7 for a single hour let)
Church Prices on application (typically around £20 per hour, or £27 for a single hour let)

Local authority, commercial or ticketed entry use

Room Charge
Main Hall £17 per hour (£23 for a single hour let)
Vestry £7 per hour (£10 for a single hour let)
Meeting Room £7 per hour (£10 for a single hour let)
Church £26 per hour (£33 for a single hour let)

Full use of building for shows

Many organisations use the entire church premises for shows or performances. The cost for hiring our buildings for this use is a flat rate of £225 per performance (along with a similar £225 rate per dress rehearsal if all areas of the building are required otherwise a reduced rate may be able to be negotiated). This also includes the use of a full sound and lighting rig that can be used by suitably qualified operators. Greyfriars Church can provide technicians at a cost of £45 (each for sound and light) per performance. It is also possible for groups to record or livestream their performance using our cameras. Please note there is an additional cost for this and the group will be responsible for all licenses that are required (such as PRS etc)

Children’s birthday parties

£45 for hall and kitchen (2 hour party with 45 minutes set up and 45 minutes clear up time)

How to book

If you would like to enquire about booking, please contact the Church Office on (01555) 437050.

You will need to complete one of the following booking forms as part of the booking process. These can be submitted by post or online. If you are booking a theatrical performance within the church, you must also read and sign the additional conditions of hire for theatrical events, and return those to the church office by post only.

Please note that the Minister or Kirk Session of Greyfriars Parish Church have the right to refuse any request for booking our premises.

You can now submit your booking using our new electronic forms below. If you have issues completing an electronic form then please contact the church office.