Church Finance

Greyfriars Parish Church does not receive any money from the government or from the national Church to keep going. All the money that we as a congregation need to further our work comes from the generous giving of our members.

We take very seriously our command to be good stewards of the resources that are given to us to further the work of the church. Each year we produce a set of accounts and annual report.  If you wish to view the annual report and a full set of our examined accounts for 2021, or the same previous years you can do so here.

From time to time we also organise fundraising events to allow people from outwith the membership of the church to contribute to the work of the church. These events not only help to raise money for the church but also bring people closer together through fellowship and fun!

We advertise all of our fundraising events in the local press and also on the website. For more information on our fundraising events please look at the home page and our 'What's on?' section.

Greyfriars Parish Church is also supported by people who are not members of the church but who wish to contribute in some way. To find out more about how you can contribute, visit the Giving to Greyfriars page.